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High school graduate at 2001 from SMU N 5 Jakarta in Science majority. Learnt english for a year at 2001-2002 then entered STIS at 2002-2003 for a year. Took diploma at UPI YAI majority in Informatics Engineering, after dropped out from STIS. Graduate at 2007 and took S1 for Informatics Engineering at the same university. Have graduation at 2010 then applied for IT staff at Ministry of Health. Now, I work for National Institute of Health Research & Development.

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Journal Cover 2015-2016

I gave my ideas and work for scientific journal to made journal covers for 8 journal from 2015 to 2016.
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I do Make Website

In 2015 my institution where I works won the first trophy for website among unit 1 of health ministry.

For this I'm showing my works from some projects :)